CAPAGEL FLEX COLOR is a gel grout, whose benefits are those of a cement-based tile grout classified according to UNE EN 13888 as CG2 WA. High color strength and resistance. Great waterproofing power. Easy to apply and clean. Besides, the “stop powder” ensures the health at work by reducing around 95% the air-suspended powder emission. It comes in a range of 30 colors. It is an antibacterial tile grout and a natural fungicide. Eco-friendly and recyclable.


  • Classified as CG2 WA
  • Better abrasion resistance
  • Far lesser absorption
  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Maximum durability and strength
  • Valid for pools
  • Maintains true color
  • Indoor and outdoor use

Typical Applications

Suitable for grouting grès porcelain stoneware, low thickness slabs, all types of ceramic tiles, clinker, terracotta, glass mosaic and ceramic of any type and format. Natural stone, marble, etc. Floors and walls, indoor and outdoor of normal use, commercial and industrial, heavy traffic environments, swimming pools and fountains, and areas subject to sudden changes in temperature.


Indoor & Outdoor Floors and Walls


Capagel Flex Color is available in 5 kg plastic bags in boxes of 20 kg, dispatched on shrink wrapping pallets weighing a total of 800 kg (40 boxes).

Capa India Certificate

Special Packaging Solutions

Video shown below how Capa-IC products are being specially packed for substantial longer shelf life.