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Most of us are aware with those cruel makeover shows that introduces us with the procedures to make our home more invigorating, one time or another. Where some hyperactive bunch of designers and tradesmen bombard their way into some unsuspecting civilians’ home and design the places accordingly. This looking beautiful of a place requires many substances from beautiful colours of the wall to the rugs on the floor, from various accessories in a room to the matching tiles on the wall. Every minute detail leads to a ‘Home sweet home’ feeling in addition of beauty.

In early times, here in India people of rural areas used to have mud houses. Which were decorated with beautiful alpanas and rangoli to make it more homely and attractive. As time changes definition of beauty didn’t take long to change itself. In this modern era we now use tiles of marbles in different surfaces. Coloured or pure white tiles makes a place a whole new space compared to before.

Available in various shapes, patterns, colours and styles, and whether for the entire room or hall space, with decorative borders or single feature wall tiles give some modern, stylish and impressive aesthetic look. Tiling can be used on various surfaces. For example on the floor of an entire room, through the hallway. To make the hallway more gorgeous one can use the tiles even on the wall; a small space of a wall with vigorous, colourful tile as their tastes goes. It would make the space catchier. Then the kitchen wall and bathroom wall with beautiful tiles would make the space more soothing and sanctuary. As for bathrooms, whether one wants a sleek wetroom or spa-like oasis this is the only place where one can be bold with their choices. Anyhow, this usage is done by almost everyone. Tiling all these surfaces is a big ‘yes-yes’ for people with rich tastes.

This tiling requires a great skill and proper adhesive to make it more long lasting. Most importantly, adhesive here, plays a centre role of all. There are some tile adhesive manufacturers in India that have earned a good name for themselves by making some best quality tile adhesive. And over time they are making it more improved.

Tile3 adhesive in the form of grout seals the tiles and prevent the moisture from getting behind them. If one already has the tiles it can be simply changed and very easy to create a complete different look just by changing the colour. However it would be better to stick to plain tiles to accentuate the look. Using the best quality of tile adhesive in India one can get the wow factor by tiling their own space. And this tiling is surefire way of achieving wonderful long-lasting results.